My experience

You may be wondering what experience I have in a particular area.  Rather than just posting my CV and leaving it to you to sift through all the detail, I’ve taken a different approach.

What I’ve done is to filter out all of my experience in a number of different areas.  Each of these areas has a separate page devoted to it.  Currently, there are pages devoted to:
• Annuities
• With profits
• Unit linked
• Risk measurement
• Market risk and ALM
• Derivatives and market consistent valuation
• Financial reporting
• Solvency II
• Corporate finance, including Part VII transfers
• Regulation
• Training

If you have any suggestions for extra pages to include in this section, please let me know.  This isn’t one of those websites that’s left to gather dust.

Or if you would prefer to see an unfiltered list of my experience, you can find this on my LinkedIn page.