What do I do?

You already know that I’m a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries with over 30 years of post qualification experience, most of it in the life insurance sector.

But there’s no such thing as a typical actuary. What sort of actuary am I?

  • Well, firstly I’m quite a technical actuary.  I’m not afraid of devilishly complex problems.  I’m comfortable with all the maths behind market consistent valuation, market risk and the valuation and use of derivatives, which has to count for something.
  • I adopt a scientific approach to problems.  I make assumptions, build models, run experiments, reach conclusions, then consider their validity and whether the assumptions were too oversimplifying.  I like to think of myself as a financial scientist.
  • I take a huge amount of pride in being able to provide simple explanations of all this complex work.  This is where I get the most satisfaction.

And that’s what the SSC stands for in my company name. Simple explanations of Scientific solutions to Complex financial problems.